San Francisco State University

Course: EED 782 Teaching of Reading/Language Arts (CLAD) with an Emphasis on Early Literacy K-2

Course: EED 737 Teaching Literacy, Social Studies, and Social Justice: Grades 3-6

Course: EED 758 Teaching Practicum Seminar, Phase III (PACT seminar)

University of California, Santa Cruz

Course: EDUC 60 Introduction to Education: Learning, Schooling and Society

Course: EDUC 208 Portfolio Development

Course: EDUC 180 Introduction to Teaching

Course: EDUC 181 Race, Class, and Culture in Education


San Jose State University

Course: EDTE 221 Research Seminar in Elementary Education

Course: EDEL 201 Foundations of Psychology in Education

Supervisor (Critical Research Academy), Department of Education

Course: EDEL 143A (PHASE 1) Student Teaching

Course: EDEL 143B (PHASE 2) Student Teaching

Teachers College, Columbia University

Course: EDUC 6501 Doctoral Research Seminar: Social Justice Enactments

Supervisor, Department of Curriculum and Teaching

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